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Cambridge’s services are designed to assist individual, business and retirement plan clients to address a multitude of investment and financial goals.  Our typical individual client seeks to receive advice on the adequate accumulation of sufficient resources necessary to achieve a comfortable retirement. To that end, we spend a significant amount of time advising and educating our clients about reasonable expected rates of return and demonstrate how a long-term consistent and disciplined approach to investing can both facilitate the accumulation of needed retirement capital and later sustain one’s standard of living throughout the retirement years when further coupled with prudent withdrawal rates and tax efficient distribution strategies.

Our broad planning expertise allows us to further assist clients with the in-depth planning of their estates including the proactive utilization of trusts to protect assets and perpetuate family wealth.

Many of our clients own closely held business and we routinely assist them with evaluating such assets and make recommendations as to the most effective ways to ultimately sell the businesses or transfer such assets to family members when there is a desire to continue the business for the benefit of the next generation.

Unlike some advisers, we certainly are not advocates of a “canned” solution approach to advising our clients. Our clients are typically accomplished individuals who reveal unique aspects of their particular business or family situations during the planning process that we take the time to fully understand and address with thoughtful analysis designed to achieve solutions that enable our clients to achieve their objectives, not ours.